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Our Team.

Each of our department leads has over a decade of experience working within their respective field. Every business has inevitable blind spots, its unavoidable. Hiring a seasoned expert like us propels you ahead of the competition, increasing profitabilty, staff retention and guest loyalty. 

Experienced in all aspects of financial management, Emily Barnhart is truly the brains behind the scenes.  With over a decade of accounting experience under her belt,  her multi-faceted knowledge of finances, accounting and problem solving have been instrumental in growing her client's businesses, in addition to successfully running the budgets, accounts and finances with support from her team. 

Amber Pollitt is a seasoned marketing professional with over a decade of experience driving sales and brand growth for small businesses and independent restaurants. Pollitt's extensive experience includes all aspects of marketing such as seasonal promotional strategies, 

grassroots outreach, social media, content creation, public relations, and online reputation management.   

Rosenberg brings over three decades of experience in HR leadership, training, and operations to the table. His deep understanding of HR functions, training strategies, recruitment, safety, and work-place liability is crucial for smooth business operations. With his versatile background, Rosenberg and his team are an essential asset to any business.

As a seasoned hospitality professional, Patrick Broadhead brings years of expertise to the table in strategizing procurement processes. His goal is to not only ensure the growth and sustainability of restaurants but also to foster strong vendor relations. Patrick tirelessly works to maintain costs without compromising on the quality of ingredients. Under his guidance, your restaurant stands to benefit from effective cost management, inventory optimization, and enhanced vendor relationships

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