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Discover how our extensive array of human resource services caters specifically to the needs of South Florida small businesses and restaurants. From tailored training programs to comprehensive risk management solutions, we address all your HR needs with expertise and precision. Count on us for strategic guidance on HR policies, including background checks and I-9 training, ensuring compliance and efficiency in your workforce operations

Training (Topic Specific): Tailored human resource training programs designed to address specific skill gaps or knowledge areas within your workforce, enhancing employee performance, productivity, and overall organizational effectiveness.

  • Risk Management (Worker's Compensation & Guest Injury): Detailed training on proactive measures to mitigate risks associated with worker's compensation claims and guest injuries, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations to safeguard both employees and customers.

  • Assistance with Insurance Claims: Providing guidance and support throughout the insurance claims process, facilitating communication between employees and insurance providers to expedite claim resolution and minimize disruptions.

  • Compliance with State & Federal Hiring and Termination Requirements: Comprehesive training on adherence to regulatory requirements governing the hiring and termination processes, minimizing legal risks and potential liabilities while promoting fair and equitable employment practices.

  • Unemployment Response & Claims: Assisting employers in navigating unemployment claims and responses, providing guidance on documentation, hearings, and appeals to effectively manage unemployment insurance costs and maintain compliance with regulations.

  • Leave of Absence/FMLA: Indepth training on leave requests and compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), ensuring employees' rights are upheld while minimizing operational disruptions and maintaining productivity.

  • Utilization of Background Checks and Drug Testing: Implementing thorough background checks and drug testing protocols as part of the hiring process to ensure a safe and secure work environment, mitigate risks, and uphold company standards and integrity.

  • I-9 Training: Providing training on proper completion and documentation of Form I-9 to verify the identity and employment authorization of employees, ensuring compliance with immigration laws and regulations.

  • Recruiting Assistance: Offering support throughout the recruitment process, from job posting and candidate screening to interviewing and selection, streamlining hiring efforts to attract and retain top talent while meeting organizational needs and objectives.

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